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Zhilei Zhang's Warning Is Tyson Fury's Mind Off Boxing Ahead of Usyk Clash?

In the lead-up to the historic heavyweight title showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, Zhilei Zhang has raised concerns about Fury’s focus on boxing, suggesting a potential “big problem” ahead of the highly anticipated clash. Scheduled for February 17 in Saudi Arabia, the bout aims to crown the division’s first undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis in 1999.

Zhang, eyeing a shot at the WBO belt as the mandatory challenger, expressed worry over Fury’s recent mindset, citing Fury’s previous bout against Francis Ngannou. Fury secured a narrow split decision win over Ngannou in October, a fight where questions arose about Fury’s preparation and physical condition. Zhang emphasized that Fury’s training seemed off, hinting that Fury might not be in his usual fighting form.

Despite being hopeful for Fury’s success and a potential future fight against him, Zhang pointed out that Fury’s recent focus has seemed more directed toward commercial and promotional activities rather than honing his boxing skills. Zhang stressed the importance of unwavering dedication in the boxing world, implying that Fury’s recent pursuits outside the ring might have affected his readiness for the Usyk fight.

The Chinese heavyweight expressed a desire for Fury to triumph in the upcoming title fight but cautioned that if Fury’s training mirrored his preparation for the Ngannou bout, it could spell trouble against Usyk. The originally slated December 23 date for Fury vs. Usyk was postponed due to Fury’s challenging encounter with Ngannou, underscoring the impact of that grueling fight on the planned schedule.

While Zhang won’t feature in the December card, he remains eager for his chance in the ring, already in fight-ready condition. As the heavyweight scene prepares for the clash of titans between Fury and Usyk, Zhang’s observations hint at a potential storyline of doubt surrounding Fury’s mindset and preparation, adding an intriguing layer of uncertainty to the build-up of this high-stakes matchup.

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