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Zhilei Zhang's Eyes Fixed on Joseph Parker

Heavyweight contender Zhilei Zhang is leaving no stone unturned as he gears up for his upcoming clash with former WBO champion Joseph Parker in Saudi Arabia on March 8. In a recent interview with Seconds Out, Zhang emphasized that his focus is solely on Parker, indicating that he’s not looking past this crucial matchup.

Zhang revealed that he’s deeply invested in studying Parker’s fighting style and tactics. “I made it a habit that he’s always in my mind,” Zhang stated, highlighting the level of dedication he’s putting into his preparation for this bout.

Acknowledging Parker’s recent victory over Deontay Wilder, Zhang credited Parker’s skills rather than attributing the win solely to Wilder’s inactivity. He expressed admiration for Parker’s ability to perform in the ring and emphasized the importance of paying attention to his opponent’s movements and strategies.

Despite holding a lesser WBO belt and being the mandatory challenger for Oleksandr Usyk, Zhang emphasized that his immediate priority is Parker. He stressed that without defeating Parker, none of his future aspirations would be possible, reaffirming his singular focus on the upcoming showdown.

While acknowledging the possibility of facing Usyk in the future, Zhang also recognized the unpredictability surrounding Tyson Fury’s career. He admitted that a well-prepared Fury would have the advantage in his upcoming fight against Usyk in May.

Reflecting on his improved standing in the heavyweight division, Zhang noted that his current status as a titleholder has elevated his profile and made him a more attractive opponent for top contenders.

Regarding comparisons with fellow heavyweight Anthony Joshua, Zhang downplayed the significance of their shared opponents, emphasizing that true comparisons can only be made inside the ring.

With his eyes firmly set on Parker, Zhang remains committed to delivering a standout performance in Saudi Arabia on March 8, aiming to secure a decisive victory and solidify his position in the heavyweight division.

On the same card, Anthony Joshua is set to face Francis Ngannou in what promises to be another thrilling matchup in the heavyweight division

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