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Zhilei Zhang Predicts Beterbiev's Power Will Overwhelm Bivol in Potential Clash

In the world of heavyweight boxing, Zhilei Zhang weighs in on the potential showdown between Artur Beterbiev and Dmitry Bivol. Having observed their recent victories against top contenders, Zhang offers his insights on what could unfold if these two champions face off.

Zhang, a sizable heavyweight contender, sees the clash between Beterbiev and Bivol as a compelling matchup. While acknowledging both fighters’ greatness, he leans towards Beterbiev, known for his brutal knockouts. Zhang predicts that Beterbiev’s power will be the deciding factor, anticipating a knockout finish in the potential bout.

Beterbiev’s dominance in the ring has been evident, holding the IBF, WBO, and WBC titles, with the WBA strap being the missing piece for undisputed glory. After expressing his desire to face Bivol, Beterbiev aims to complete the puzzle and solidify his status as the undisputed champion.

Bivol, on the other hand, has carved his own path with a unique style, relying on angles, footwork, and a high ring IQ. Despite being doubted in previous matchups, Bivol has consistently proven his capabilities, including a notable win against Canelo Alvarez.

Zhang acknowledges Bivol’s skillset but believes that against Beterbiev’s sheer strength, it might not be enough. He envisions Beterbiev’s power overwhelming Bivol’s in-and-out footwork, creating a challenging scenario for the WBA champion.

As the potential clash looms, the boxing world awaits confirmation of Beterbiev and Bivol stepping into the ring to settle the debate. Zhilei Zhang’s prediction adds an extra layer of intrigue to the discussion, raising questions about how Bivol’s technical prowess will fare against Beterbiev’s raw power.

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