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Zhilei Zhang Dissects Deontay Wilder's Defeat What Went Wrong?

In the aftermath of Joseph Parker’s triumph over Deontay Wilder, heavyweight contender Zhilei Zhang offers a critical breakdown of Wilder’s defeat, highlighting several key factors that contributed to his downfall.

Zhang points to Wilder’s prolonged inactivity as a significant issue, emphasizing the detrimental impact it had on his performance. Moving constantly around the ring, Wilder exhausted his legs, diminishing his punching power and thwarting his attempts to land knockout blows—an essential part of his strategy that fell short due to this strategic misstep.

The critique extends to Wilder’s corner, specifically his trainer, Malik Scott, whom Zhang feels should have intervened earlier, advising Wilder to adapt his approach for better effectiveness against Parker.

Zhang outlines various crucial elements that he believes hindered Wilder’s chances of reclaiming his former glory. These include a substantial gap of 14 months since his last fight, an overreliance on his right hand, a notably low punch output during the fight, fighting at a weight considered too light for heavyweight clashes against larger opponents, and a failure to adapt his fighting style, leading to predictability and opponents capitalizing on this consistency.

Additionally, Zhang highlights Wilder’s delayed aggression, waiting until the twelfth round to ramp up his offensive efforts, a move perceived as too late to alter the course of the fight.

With Wilder facing a formidable climb back to the top, Zhang’s analysis provides a comprehensive view of the multifaceted issues that plagued the former champion during his recent bout against Parker.

Among the factors highlighted by Zhilei Zhang, which do you think had the most significant impact on Deontay Wilder’s defeat, and what adjustments should he make for a potential comeback in the heavyweight division?

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