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'You Don’t Need To Box Smith, You Need To Fight' - Says Roy Jones Jr. to Eubank Jr. Prior Smith vs Eubank Showdown

Roy Jones Jr. has shared his insights on Chris Eubank Jr’s tactical choices leading up to his rematch with Liam Smith. Many critics believed Eubank’s defensive approach in their first meeting was a misstep. Speaking with Sporting Post, Jones expressed that Eubank could increase his odds against Smith by adopting a more aggressive strategy.

Jones elaborated on the thought, explaining that Chris recognized the flaws from their last duel. He conveyed hope that Eubank would heed Bomac’s guidance to adopt a more confrontational style in the rematch. Highlighting Smith’s direct approach in the ring, Jones suggested that Eubank needs to match that intensity and bring back his old combative spirit.

Jones also pointed out that merely relying on boxing techniques might not be sufficient against a fighter like Smith, especially if one hasn’t been committed to the boxing craft for a lifetime. He mentioned how even formidable fighters, like Canelo, eventually decided to confront Smith head-on after some initial defensive moves. Jones felt that Chris has an advantage in physical strength and was taken aback by Smith’s knockout in their previous bout, suspecting that an elbow injury on Eubank’s part might have influenced the outcome.

“Chris knows what he has to do in this fight, he knows what he has to do, and he knew after the fight with Liam what he should have done.”

“Hopefully he will listen to Bomac, and hopefully Bomac will get it across to him that you have to go out there and make it a fight and you can’t be moving around and boxing because Liam’s a straightforward guy who is going to bring it to you.”

“I think he wins the fight. You don’t need to box Smith, you need to go out there and fight. You need to be the old Eubank and get down, right, dirty and fight.”

“You can’t box Liam Smith if you haven’t been a boxer your whole career. Even Canelo boxed for a little while, then met him head on. I never thought Liam could hurt Chris, which tells me the elbow had a lot to do with it, so if he meets him head on, he’s the bigger stronger fighter.”

The rematch is eagerly awaited, especially after the surprising outcome of their first match. Given the heightened stakes, there’s speculation that the defeated party might contemplate retirement.

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