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Why Canelo Alvarez Must Face David Benavidez

During a recent discussion on ProBox TV’s “Deep Waters,” boxing pundits Paulie Malignaggi and Chris Algieri weighed in on this crucial matter. Algieri articulated a sentiment that resonated deeply with boxing purists: “Canelo has to do what great Mexican legends do – they fight the next guy. That’s important for the legacy.”

It’s a sentiment rooted in the rich history of Mexican boxing, where warriors like Chavez Sr. and Marco Antonio Barrera consistently sought out the toughest challenges to cement their status as legends. Now, Canelo, widely regarded as one of the greatest Mexican fighters of all time, stands at a similar crossroads.

David Benavidez, the rising star from Arizona, represents the next logical challenge for Canelo. With an undefeated record and devastating knockout power, Benavidez embodies the kind of formidable opponent that can elevate Canelo’s legacy to new heights. Yet, despite the clamor from fans and pundits alike, the matchup remains elusive.

Instead of facing Benavidez, Canelo has opted for safer options, such as his upcoming bout against Jaime Munguia. While these fights may generate considerable interest and revenue, they do little to enhance Canelo’s legacy in the long run. True greatness in boxing is forged in the crucible of adversity, where champions test their skills against the best of their generation.

The reluctance to face Benavidez reflects a broader trend in modern boxing, where business interests often take precedence over legacy-building. In an era dominated by pay-per-view buys and multi-million-dollar contracts, the pursuit of greatness can sometimes take a backseat to financial considerations.

However, for fighters like Canelo, who aspire to be remembered as true legends of the sport, legacy should always come first. The opportunity to face someone of Benavidez’s caliber is not just a chance to add another win to his record—it’s a chance to solidify his place in boxing history.

As Chris Algieri aptly put it, “That fight has to happen.” For Canelo, embracing this challenge isn’t just about winning another title or collecting another paycheck—it’s about honoring the proud tradition of Mexican boxing and securing his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

In the end, the choice is clear: Canelo Alvarez must face David Benavidez. Anything less would be a disservice to his legacy and a missed opportunity to etch his name alongside the immortals of the sport.

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