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WBC President Urges Mental Health Evaluation for Ryan Garcia Ahead of Fight

Ryan Garcia’s upcoming fight with Devin Haney is in serious jeopardy after a worrying series of events.

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

A Concerning Downward Spiral:

  • Garcia has reportedly made threats of self-harm and consumed alcohol.
  • He refused a mental health evaluation mandated by the New York State Athletic Commission.
  • Garcia subsequently deactivated his social media accounts.

“Manic Episode” Raises Questions:

Boxing experts believe Garcia has been experiencing a “manic episode” for the past few weeks, possibly triggered by the Haney fight announcement.

From Press Tour to Public Meltdown:

The pre-fight promotion quickly turned sour, with Garcia launching into a series of public attacks, accusations, and bizarre claims.

Presidential Aspirations?

Garcia’s social media meltdown reached a peak when he targeted celebrities and expressed his desire to run for President. In his own words: “There will also be no secrets with the American people anymore. There is no such thing as classified files. You guys will know everything. I got your back. You need to have mine. Please help me become President and let God’s will be bone, not mine.”

Intervention Attempted:

Before the situation escalated further, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman contacted the New York State Athletic Commission. Sulaiman, along with others, hoped Garcia would agree to a mental health evaluation before the fight.

Sulaiman on Social Media:

“We’re in direct talks with the New York Commission… Social media is so good, but it is so bad at the same time… With the postings by Ryan Garcia, of course, there has come a lot of concern… He’s a very nice kid… But we are addressing the situation without a doubt.”

Fight Fate Uncertain:

Garcia’s refusal to undergo the evaluation would automatically cancel the fight. However, if he agrees, the fight with Haney could be postponed.

Safety First:

The priority is Garcia’s well-being. If he’s exhibiting signs of self-harm and causing concern, allowing him to fight would be a significant health risk.

Looking Ahead:

Medical professionals will need to carefully assess Garcia’s condition and consider all possibilities, including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Will the fight happen? Only time will tell. However, Garcia’s mental health remains the top concern.

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