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WBA Dethrones Daniel Dubois as it's Regular Heavyweight Champion Just Days After His Loss to Usyk

Last weekend in Poland, Daniel Dubois clashed with Oleksandr Usyk for the WBA Super Champion title. While Dubois sought the victory, he was halted in the ninth round, allowing Usyk to hold onto his title. Dubois’ camp is now looking into contesting the result, pointing to what they perceive as an unfairly adjudged low blow. Despite this contention, many in the boxing community doubt that their appeal will gain any traction.

Traditionally, once the primary fighters within the WBA face off, the ‘Regular’ title is considered redundant. However, a recent twist has come to light. Only days after Usyk’s victory, the WBA declared that, due to an ongoing legal dispute, Mahmoud Charr (formerly known as Manuel Charr) would be reinstated as the Regular Champion, placed just below Usyk.

This announcement explained that Mahmoud Charr had been lobbying for this reinstatement since 2021. Charr lost his “champion in recess” designation in December 2021 because he hadn’t competed within the designated timeframe and couldn’t finalize a match with Trevor Bryan. But after two years of legal wrangling, the WBA has now reinstated his status.

The WBA has established conditions regarding this decision. Firstly, Charr has to compete against Jarrell Miller, who holds the 5th position in the division, before October 14. After this bout, the winner will then face another contender, as determined by the WBA.

“As part of a court settlement, the World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee has reinstated Mahmoud Charr as regular champion of the organization’s heavyweight division.

After the fight in which Oleksandr Usyk defeated Daniel Dubois, the Ukrainian had remained as the only heavyweight champion. However, the organization is forced to make the decision to reinstate Charr as regular champion in order to continue with the normal operation of the body.

Charr lost his status as champion in recess in December 2021, after not having fought in the scheduled time and after the impossibility of agreeing a fight with Trevor Bryan. After two years and a judicial process in between, the WBA has decided to reinstate the regular champion status to the boxer.

After a thorough study by the WBA on the best way to execute this move, the WBA set two key conditions. First, Charr must face Jarrell Miller, 5th rated boxer of the division before October 14. And second, the winner of this matchup must face the next available contender, which will be determined by the body.”

It’s worth noting that since 2017, Charr has only had three bouts, with none of his opponents ranking in the WBA’s top 15. Similarly, the directive for Charr to compete against Jarrell Miller has raised eyebrows. Miller is infamous for his past doping controversies, particularly leading up to a canceled bout with Anthony Joshua. Like Charr, Miller’s recent record is sparse, with only three fights since 2018 and none against high-ranking WBA heavyweights.

To conclude their announcement, the WBA asserted that their decision aligns with the best interests of the boxing community.

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