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Ryan Garcia, the rising star in the boxing world, has confidently declared his ability to knock out Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz in under five rounds. However, as the anticipation builds for their upcoming clash, questions arise about whether Garcia is underestimating his opponent’s abilities.

Garcia’s assertion comes after witnessing Cruz’s recent victory over Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero for the WBA light welterweight title. While many fans applauded Cruz’s performance, Garcia remains unimpressed, attributing the win to Romero’s inability to handle pressure rather than Cruz’s skill.

Despite acknowledging Cruz’s aggressive fighting style, Garcia draws parallels to his past opponents, particularly Oscar ‘Pitbull’ Duarte. He believes that his experience against similar fighters gives him the upper hand against Cruz, whom he perceives as a smaller and possibly slightly better version of Duarte.

In Garcia’s analysis, he emphasizes the importance of utilizing the jab against Cruz’s forward pressure, highlighting perceived weaknesses in Cruz’s ability to handle momentum shifts and pressure tactics. He dismisses Cruz’s technical abilities, labeling him as a beginner who struggles to navigate certain situations in the ring.

However, as Garcia exudes confidence in his strategy and past successes, the boxing world awaits to see if his predictions will hold true against Cruz, a formidable opponent who has proven his mettle in the ring. With the fight against Devin Haney looming on the horizon, Garcia’s focus on Cruz raises speculation about his mindset and readiness for the upcoming challenges in his career.

As the countdown to the Garcia-Cruz showdown continues, boxing enthusiasts anticipate an electrifying clash between two determined fighters vying for supremacy in the ring.

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