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Veteran boxer Dereck Chisora has sounded the alarm bells for Tyson Fury ahead of his highly anticipated clash with Oleksandr Usyk on May 18th. Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, is still grappling with an injured right eye, leaving many questioning his readiness to face the formidable IBF/WBA/WBO titleholder, Usyk.

Chisora, speaking to the Lights Out YouTube channel, expressed concerns about Fury’s vulnerable eye, labeling it a potential “walking disaster” in the ring against the relentless Usyk. The Ukrainian, an Olympic gold medalist known for his precision and speed, poses a significant threat to Fury’s chances of success, especially given the Briton’s ongoing struggle with his injury.

The former heavyweight contender highlighted Fury’s previous bout against Otto Wallin, where Fury endured a grueling battle despite sustaining a severe cut under his eye. Despite calls for the fight to be stopped, Fury soldiered on, underscoring his resilience but also raising questions about the role of popularity in influencing referee decisions.


Chisora emphasized the likelihood of Usyk targeting Fury’s compromised eye, predicting a potential “bloodbath” if the injury is aggravated during the fight. With Fury’s ability to outbox Usyk potentially hindered by his limited vision, Chisora suggested that the Briton might resort to his trademark mauling tactics, involving grappling and holding, to survive the onslaught.

Despite the challenges posed by Fury’s injury, Chisora remains skeptical of Anthony Joshua‘s ability to defeat him in a future showdown. While acknowledging Joshua’s talent, Chisora believes Fury’s current circumstances could give him the edge in any future matchup.

As the countdown to the Fury-Usyk showdown intensifies, all eyes will be on Fury’s eye and whether he can navigate past Usyk’s relentless assault to retain his heavyweight crown.

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