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Warren Challenges Hearn to Million Pound Bet in Epic Boxing Promoter Showdown!"

In a sensational twist in the world of boxing promotions, the legendary Frank Warren has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging arch-rival Eddie Hearn to a jaw-dropping million-pound bet. This bold move comes as Saudi Arabia expresses interest in a dream Matchroom vs. Queensberry card, headlined by none other than the much-anticipated clash between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Warren, the mastermind behind Queensberry Promotions, hinted at pitting the best of his stable against Matchroom fighters as early as 2020. Now, it seems like the gloves are truly off, with the 71-year-old promoter exuding confidence about making this blockbuster matchup a reality.

Speaking exclusively to Mail Sport’s Charlotte Daly after the Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou press conference, Warren emphasized the jeopardy Joshua faces against the big-punching Ngannou. He pointed out the risk involved and compared it to Tyson Fury’s unbeaten record, underscoring the challenge for the heavyweight champion.



The veteran promoter went on to reveal his enthusiasm for a potential showdown between the winners of the March 8 bout and the Fury vs. Ngannou clash. Notably, Warren proposed a million-pound wager with Hearn to add an extra layer of excitement to the already electrifying prospect of the two promotional giants going head-to-head.

Warren concluded with insights into the pressure on Joshua and the potential for Ngannou to become one of the top three heavyweights globally. As the boxing world eagerly awaits these epic matchups, the stakes have been raised with Warren’s million-pound challenge to Hearn.

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