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Veteran Trainer Advises John Riel Casimero to Consider a Change

Introduction: John Riel Casimero, a former three-division world champion in boxing, is receiving advice from veteran trainer Nonoy Neri following his recent performance against Yukinori Oguni in Japan. Neri, a prominent figure in Team Pacquiao and Casimero’s former trainer, suggests that the Filipino fighter should consider making changes to his training team, including the addition of a new trainer.

Challenges in Casimero’s Recent Bout: In his bout against Oguni, Casimero, initially considered the favorite, experienced a noticeable decline in his performance as early as the second round. Oguni gained the upper hand in the second and third rounds, leaving Casimero struggling. The fight ended in a technical draw in the fourth round due to an accidental clash of heads that resulted in a cut on Oguni.

Neri’s Assessment: Nonoy Neri, having worked closely with Casimero in the past, expressed his concerns about the fighter’s current state. He noted a decrease in the power of Casimero’s punches and highlighted the need for strength and conditioning as well as a nutritionist. Neri believes that a change in trainer and additional expertise in strength and conditioning could benefit Casimero.

Call for a New Head Trainer: Neri emphasized the importance of a new head trainer for Casimero’s team. While Casimero’s brother, Jayson, is part of his current training setup, Neri suggests that adding a head trainer will be crucial for the fighter’s development. Neri believes that Casimero, with his extensive experience in boxing, understands the necessity of this change.

Team Dynamics: Neri clarified that it is not necessary for Casimero to sever ties with his brother, Jayson, but rather to enhance the team’s capabilities for the betterment of the Filipino boxer. This decision, according to Neri, should be made in the best interest of Casimero’s career and the well-being of their family.

Conclusion: John Riel Casimero, under the guidance of his former trainer Nonoy Neri, is contemplating changes to his training team to revitalize his boxing career. While his recent performance may have raised concerns, Casimero’s potential for a successful comeback is within reach by adding a new head trainer and strengthening his support team. Boxing enthusiasts await news of Casimero’s decisions and hope to see the Filipino fighter regain his form in the ring.

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