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Usyk vs Dubois: Heavyweight Clash Paves the Way for a Future Fury Face-off

The boxing world is abuzz with rumors of a possible heavyweight clash between current IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk and secondary WBA titleholder Daniel Dubois in the highly anticipated Usyk vs Dubois showdown. Slated for August 26th, this thrilling encounter could potentially be streamed via TNT Sports PPV at Wroclaw Stadium, Poland. Although official confirmation is still pending, this prospective matchup has certainly got the fans talking.

Usyk, with his impressive record of 20 wins and 13 knockouts, is widely recognized for his agility, quickness, and precision punches. On the other hand, Dubois, known for his formidable power despite a lack of speed, stands at an imposing 6’5″. A win for Dubois in Usyk vs Dubois would pave the way for his management at Queensberry to arrange a future face-off with WBC champion Tyson Fury.
However, the interest from Saudi Arabia lies in a potential Fury vs Usyk fight, and negotiations are still uncertain. The organizers’ decision to potentially broadcast the Usyk vs Dubois fight on pay-per-view in the UK adds an intriguing element to the mix.

In Dubois’ previous encounter against former cruiserweight Kevin Lerena, he faced adversity after being knocked down three times in the first round. Some fans felt that referee Howard Foster should have intervened due to Dubois’ knee injury. Surprisingly, Lerena’s offensive output diminished from the second round onwards, allowing Dubois to mount a comeback and secure a knockout victory in the third. Despite experiencing defeat against Joe Joyce and coming close to losing to Lerena, Dubois earned the opportunity to face Usyk due to his secondary WBA title win over Trevor Bryan last year.

Usyk, eager to participate in the Saudi card, must first overcome the challenge posed by Dubois. His ultimate aim is to square off against WBC champion Tyson Fury, although the success of previous negotiations with both Fury and Anthony Joshua remains uncertain.

Having been inactive since his rematch victory against Anthony Joshua last year, Usyk’s efforts to arrange a fight with Fury fell through due to disagreements over the rematch clause purse split. Now he needs to deal with Dubois in a mega-fight Usyk vs Dubois first. Speculation among fans suggests that Fury may have been apprehensive about the fight, leading to its eventual collapse. Meanwhile, Fury’s upcoming exhibition match against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou, featuring non-knockdown and non-knockout rules, may impact his negotiating position with Usyk.

The much-anticipated Usyk vs Dubois bout is generating considerable excitement in the boxing community, with fans eagerly awaiting confirmation of this epic clash.

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