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Usyk Fury Confrontation: 'Greedy Belly is Afraid of Me'

Oleksandr Usyk has thrown a new punch in the ongoing Usyk Fury Confrontation, reacting sharply to Tyson Fury’s recent commitment to fight former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday’s press conference in London was held to build momentum for Usyk’s face-off against Daniel Dubois in Wrocław, Poland on August 26. The Sky Sports team sought Usyk’s perspective on the latest turn in the Usyk Fury Confrontation, more specifically on Fury’s decision to lock horns with a boxing novice. Usyk didn’t hold back in his response.

In an important segment of the Usyk Fury Confrontation, Usyk expressed, “This is a great opportunity for Francis Ngannou. For Tyson Fury, it’s definitely not. Doesn’t it seem strange that instead of choosing a top 10 guy, he is choosing someone who never boxed before?” On being asked if Fury was showing signs of fear, Usyk’s response was assertive, stating, “Yeah, of course. Of course! Greedy belly is afraid of me.”

The Usyk Fury Confrontation has been a long-drawn affair, tracing back to March of this year when discussions of a heavyweight world title fight fell through. The blame game has been fierce, with Fury launching a social media onslaught to label Usyk a “coward.” John Fury, Tyson’s father, reinforced this sentiment last month, branding Usyk “a liar and a coward.”

Despite the drama and spectacle of the Usyk Fury Confrontation providing some amusement, the stalemate has resulted in a widespread feeling of frustration among boxing fans. Doubts are now surfacing whether the two titans will ever square off in the ring.

Nevertheless, Usyk appeared unperturbed during the London press meet, commending his next opponent, Dubois. His comment on Dubois was heartfelt, “a nice man, a nice guy, a nice athlete,” and expressed his “respect for him, his team, for all the people around him.” Following the face-off, Usyk surprised everyone by breaking into a rap and concluding with a peace gesture.

Oleksandr Usyk’s Challenge Adds a New Twist to the Usyk Fury Confrontation
In a post-event interview with SecondsOut, Usyk brought another dimension to the Usyk Fury Confrontation. He reiterated his primary boxing ambition – a match against Tyson Fury. Moreover, he didn’t miss out on an opportunity to humorously poke at former two-division UFC titleholder Conor McGregor’s recent weight gain, teasingly suggesting, “Hey Conor, why don’t we make a fight at Wembley?”

While McGregor is familiar with boxing, Usyk’s proposition seems more like a wry dig at Fury’s preference to spar an MMA athlete over a professional boxer in the ongoing Usyk Fury Confrontation saga.

The future of the Usyk Fury Confrontation remains uncertain. Presently, both Usyk and Fury have upcoming bouts in August and October to focus on. The true hurdle might lie in the negotiations that follow. Could 2024 be the year for the long-awaited heavyweight clash to finally occur? Time holds the answer.

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