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Unforgettable Knockouts at Misfits Boxing 12: Influencers Face Brutal Defeats

In a gripping night at the Misfits Boxing 12 event in Leeds, influencers faced off in intense matchups that left spectators on the edge of their seats. Small Spartan Jay and AJ Bunker, known influencers turned boxers, both suffered devastating knockouts, capturing the attention of fans and raising concerns about the brutal nature of the sport.

Small Spartan Jay vs. Fox Townley: Oxygen Masks and Twitching

Influencer Small Spartan Jay, aka Jonah Joseph Chris, stepped into the ring against Fox Townley, carrying a considerable size advantage. Townley wasted no time, landing a precise left hook that dropped Jay in the opening round. Although Jay showed heart by getting back up, Townley’s uppercut followed by another left hook left Jay unconscious.

Onlookers were alarmed as Jay exhibited spasms on the canvas, necessitating the use of an oxygen mask. Fans took to social media, expressing shock at the severity of the knockout. Townley’s coach, displaying sportsmanship, tempered celebrations out of respect for Jay’s condition.

Fox Townley, reflecting on his win, acknowledged the speed of the knockout, emphasizing the mental preparation in his camp.

Elle Brooke vs. AJ Bunker: Last Laugh in Rivalry

In the women’s middleweight title bout, Elle Brooke and AJ Bunker engaged in a scrappy match. Brooke, having beaten Bunker 18 months ago, sought to prove a point. The fight saw warnings from the referee for clinching and a controversial point deduction against Brooke.

In a surprising turn, Brooke landed a massive right hand, flooring Bunker. Despite beating the count, the referee waved off the fight, declaring Brooke the new champion. Post-fight, Brooke expressed satisfaction in not leaving the decision to judges and outlined plans for her future in the sport.

Other Highlights from Misfits Boxing 12: Quick Wins and Controversies

The event showcased various outcomes, including Ed Matthews being knocked out of the ring by Luis Pineda, X Factor winner Ashley Tebi’s split draw with OJ Rose, and first-round knockout wins for Tristan Hamm and Fox Townley.

Irish TikTok star Ben Williams secured a one-sided decision, and Chase DeMoor claimed his first boxing win. The night also witnessed notable losses, with Myles Stephenson falling to DTG, and Most Wanted being stopped by Joey Knight in the opening bout.

Conclusion: A Night of Triumphs and Challenges

Misfits Boxing 12 delivered unforgettable moments, combining the thrill of victory with the harsh reality of defeat. The knockout defeats of Small Spartan Jay and AJ Bunker served as stark reminders of the raw intensity embedded in the sport of boxing.

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