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Super Middleweight Darius Fulghum Inks Deal with Golden Boy Promotions

Darius “DFG” Fulghum, the undefeated super middleweight sensation boasting an impeccable record of 8-0 with 8 knockout victories, has recently signed a promising promotional contract with the renowned Golden Boy Promotions. His remarkable journey culminated in his most recent spectacular win, where he delivered a devastating left hook to the liver, resulting in a knockout victory over veteran Mexican fighter, Alan Campa (18-8, 12 KOs), during their October 7th bout on DAZN.

Fulghum’s partnership with Golden Boy Promotions marks a pivotal moment in his career. The 27-year-old, fighting out of Houston, Texas, has been on an impressive streak of knockout wins, making his presence felt in the super middleweight division. Despite his remarkable knockout record, Fulghum emphasizes that his primary focus isn’t seeking knockouts. Instead, his style revolves around breaking down opponents systematically.

Darius Fulghum elaborated on his approach, stating, “I don’t go into a fight looking for a knockout. My style is to break down my opponent. There are expectations from others for me to knockout my opponent, but I can’t rely solely on my power. I consider myself extremely skilled and don’t believe I’m a devastating puncher. Some opponents may be more durable, and I’ve faced heavyweights coming down from light heavyweight. Protecting myself from hits is crucial, which will serve me well in my career without incurring unnecessary wear and tear.”

Fulghum’s left hook, which proved decisive in his recent victory, has been meticulously honed through rigorous training. This punch left Campa in agonizing pain, bringing him to his knees and demonstrating the precision behind Fulghum’s technique.

Regarding the left hook, Fulghum explained, “We’ve practiced that punch extensively, perfecting its placement. The effectiveness of that shot is not merely about power but about hitting the right spot, the liver. I caught him with it while he was throwing a punch. It wasn’t just raw power; it was about precise placement that left him paralyzed with pain.”

Excitement surrounds Darius Fulghum’s new journey with Golden Boy Promotions, and he’s eager to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Commenting on the signing, he remarked, “I’m extremely excited to be with Golden Boy. Oscar (de la Hoya) can take me to new heights and secure big fights. Golden Boy has already given me the exposure I need on DAZN streams, and I feel comfortable performing in front of a larger audience.”

Fulghum also extended his gratitude to 3 Point Management (3PM), who played a pivotal role in advancing his career. The partnership with 3PM accelerated his progress, allowing him to fight five times in a single year. Despite the rapid pace, Fulghum remains eager to continue building his experience and reputation in the boxing world, with aspirations for one more fight before the year concludes.

In the world of boxing, Darius Fulghum’s rise is a testament to talent, dedication, and precision. As he embarks on this new chapter with Golden Boy Promotions, fans can anticipate thrilling matches and impressive performances in the super middleweight division. Stay tuned for more updates as Fulghum’s promising career unfolds.

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