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UK Fans Disgruntled as Joshua vs. Ngannou PPV Price Revealed

DAZN has unveiled the pay-per-view (PPV) pricing for UK viewers eagerly anticipating the Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou clash scheduled for March 8th. However, the announced prices have left UK fans feeling discontented, considering the magnitude of the event and the opponents involved.For new DAZN subscribers, the PPV and a one-month subscription come with a price tag of £19.99. Existing DAZN subscribers catch a slight break, paying a reduced PPV fee of £18.99. Despite the pricing being in line with other PPV events, the announcement has stirred frustration among fans. The discontent revolves around the perceived mismatch between former two-time heavyweight champion Joshua and Ngannou, a 0-1 novice in boxing.

Critics argue that the fight seems more like a money grab, exploiting Ngannou’s MMA fan base, rather than a meaningful bout in the heavyweight division. The lack of demand to witness Joshua face Ngannou further intensifies the dissatisfaction, with many fans considering it an attempt to capitalize on Ngannou’s popularity from the MMA world.

While UK PPV prices are now known, there’s anticipation surrounding the yet-to-be-revealed U.S. PPV pricing on DAZN for the same event. Speculations suggest a range around $75, a figure that might not sit well with American audiences, given their lukewarm reception of Anthony Joshua. Ngannou, transitioning from MMA to boxing, is still perceived as an outsider in the sport, raising questions about the legitimacy of this matchup.

The dissatisfaction also stems from the belief that this bout, featuring Joshua against a relatively inexperienced Ngannou, should be accessible for free. Critics argue that Joshua’s recent performances, marked by losses to Oleksandr Usyk, don’t justify a high-stakes PPV, especially against an opponent with just one boxing match under his belt and a recent loss to Tyson Fury.

In an ideal scenario, fans suggest alternative matchups on the DAZN PPV card, such as Joshua facing Zhilei Zhang and Ngannou squaring off against Joseph Parker. This would not only make more sense but also provide a more competitive and credible lineup for the pay-per-view event.

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