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Tyson vs. Wilder Prime Showdown Predictions!

In a recent exchange of bravado, Deontay Wilder made headlines by boasting about his potential victory over a prime Mike Tyson, confidently stating he’d “kick the hell” out of the legendary heavyweight. Wilder’s bold claim came in response to a query about facing Tyson during his prime, with the ‘Bronze Bomber’ asserting his dominance across eras.

This isn’t the first time Wilder has voiced his belief in overcoming the iconic Tyson. Dating back to 2018, the former WBC heavyweight champion expressed absolute certainty in defeating Tyson, boldly proclaiming superiority even against the prime version of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’

However, Tyson, known for his humility and respect for fellow fighters, responded in a typically modest manner. During an interview with TNT Sports, Tyson acknowledged Wilder’s confidence, expressing admiration for the current champion’s self-belief. While unsure of the outcome, Tyson appreciated Wilder’s champion mentality, acknowledging the special nature of holding the heavyweight title.

Despite the humility displayed in recent remarks, Tyson had previously hinted at his skepticism about Wilder’s chances against him in a head-to-head bout. When asked in 2018 if he thought Wilder could have defeated him, Tyson straightforwardly expressed doubt about such a hypothetical matchup.

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