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Tyson Fury Wants £500 Million For Usyk Super Fight – Following Oleksandr Usyk’s repeat win over Anthony Joshua and calling out Fury at the post-fight press conference, many want Fury to end his retirement and face the Ukrainian for the undisputed heavyweight title.

Fury, who took social media immediately after the fight, said those people who wish to see him fight against Usyk have to get their checkbooks out. And he wasn’t joking, he wants a half billion to fight “Ukrainian dosser” Usyk. Fury really showing zero class towards Usyk, a man who has literally been fighting for his country.

“If you want those belts back, let’s send in the Gypsy barbarian of England, come on,” said Fury.

“Send me in. I will relieve the Ukrainian dosser of his belts like I did the last Ukrainian dosser. But it’s not gonna be cheap. The world’s biggest fight has to be the world’s biggest money, if I’m going to put it all on the line against some unknown foreigner,” he wrote.

“Boys, better get that half a billy. If not, keep that little mug. If it was AJ it would have been free but it’s not”.

Fury also yesterday issued an ultimatum for organisers to arrange an undisputed heavyweight title fight against Usyk by next Thursday.

“To all these suitors out there who want to make the fight, I’m going to give you all seven days, until September 1, to come up with the money,” said Fury.

“If not, thank you very much, it’s been a blast. I’m retired,” Fury said on social media.

He added, “All offers submitted must be to my lawyer Robert Davis in writing with proof of funds. So let the games begin. Boom!”

World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman, meanwhile, praised Fury and hopes the fight goes ahead.

“Tyson Fury is the WBC champion of the world, he’s not holding the ‘other belt’, he’s holding the WBC Championship which is the Championship of Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, Frazier, Tyson, Lennox Lewis etc,” Sulaiman told Sky Sports

“I’m very proud of Tyson Fury, he’s a tremendous fighter and I am sure he wishes to continue boxing and a fight to unify all the championships in the division would be tremendous. We have given Tyson Fury the time to evaluate and be ready to make a proper decision and have until this Friday, on the 26th, to receive his written confirmation of what he will be deciding to do.

“But my personal opinion is that boxing is going through a great stage, a great moment, it will be great to see Fury against Usyk in the ultimate unification of the division.”

Tyson Fury
Fury stated it will take a lot of money to tempt him out of retirement.

Talked to Talk Sport, Fury add, “It’s August 24. They have a week to submit their offers. I want it in writing with proof of funds. It’s the biggest fight in the world so it needs the biggest pay in the world. Mayweather got £400 million to fight Pacquaio, I want £500 million. I know they (the Saudis) have got the money. They offered Tiger Woods $1 billion. I have no realinterest in Usyk. A pumped-up middleweight. It’s not my fault he gone and battered AJ, some bodybuilder. There has only ever been me. They try to compete, but they get beat. I could beat Usyk on a week’s training. Because he’s a middleweight. I’ll put my fists right through him.”

According to the Daily Mail, the fight would be on December 17 in Saudi Arabia, the night before the World Cup final in Qatar.

Is any fighter worth £500 million? Is any fight worth such a sum of money? If you have an unlimited of cash to make some payments, you would not ever count how much money you will spend for extraordinary entertainment.

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