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Tyson Fury Reflects on "Ring Rust" After Controversial Francis Ngannou Victory

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury recently emerged victorious in a highly-anticipated showdown against MMA star Francis Ngannou, but the split decision win raised eyebrows and ignited controversy. The clash saw Fury step into the ring after nearly a year’s break, during which he missed the birth of his son Prince Rico. Critics accused him of not training adequately for the bout, even as Ngannou, making his pro boxing debut, managed to knock down the British boxer with a powerful left hook.

Fury, who acknowledged it wasn’t one of his best performances, vehemently denied underestimating his opponent and emphasized his dedication to preparation. He told Boxing King Media, “I trained very well, I prepared very good, and I didn’t have any excuses or anything. It’s boxing, some days you have good days, some days you don’t.” He attributed his relative struggle in the match to the “ring rust” accumulated during his long hiatus from the sport.

Despite the knockdown in the third round, Fury praised Ngannou for his performance, noting that the MMA star had a powerful punch but didn’t land many significant blows apart from that one moment. Fury mentioned that he felt his timing was off due to his lengthy absence from the ring. The victory kept his undefeated record intact, but he recognized that it wasn’t his best showing.

Fury’s next challenge was initially scheduled against Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed championship on December 23 in Saudi Arabia. However, his promoter, Frank Warren, announced a delay, citing the need for Fury to take a break. He stated, “It will happen early in the new year, late January or February. It will be up to Tyson, it is his body.”

With the fight against Usyk postponed, boxing fans are now preparing for a potential showdown in early 2024, transforming a Christmas clash into a Valentine’s Day spectacle.

The bout between Fury and Ngannou, dubbed the “Battle of the Baddest,” generated substantial controversy, with former world champions Carl Frampton and Chris Eubank Jr., along with Ngannou himself, expressing discontent over the split decision. Ngannou, in particular, believed he had done enough to secure the win. Punch statistics from the match, provided by CompuBox, showed that Fury landed more punches, with 71 out of 223 jabs connecting, while Ngannou connected with only 59 of his 231 punches. Despite Ngannou landing more power punches, Fury won six out of the ten rounds.

In light of these statistics, there have been suggestions of conspiracies, with some speculating that boxing enthusiasts may have wanted Fury to remain undefeated as he heads into the anticipated bout against Usyk. Fury, however, remains committed to facing Usyk and settling the dispute for the undisputed championship.

In the world of boxing, controversy often adds intrigue, and the unexpected twists in Tyson Fury’s journey continue to captivate fans and pundits alike as they eagerly await his upcoming battles.


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