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Tyson Fury Explores Isle of Man Luxury Living: A Tax-Friendly Haven

Tyson Fury, the renowned boxing champ with a net worth of around £50 million, is contemplating a move to the Isle of Man, a tax haven in the Irish Sea. Reports suggest Fury has set his sights on a lavish mansion, Billown Manor, available for rent at £10,000 per month. The Isle of Man offers a unique appeal to the super-rich, with an annual income tax cap of £200,000.

The luxurious estate, Billown Manor, located near Ballabeg village, boasts opulent features such as six double ensuite bedrooms, self-contained apartments, a magnificent ballroom, swimming pool, gym, and a tennis court. Described as “extremely private” and set in manicured parkland and lakeside surroundings, it presents an enticing option for Fury’s potential relocation.

Fury, who is poised for lucrative boxing matches in the coming year, has been actively exploring the Isle of Man. He was recently spotted arriving at the mansion via helicopter, emphasizing the exclusivity of the property, which even includes a private helipad.

The move aligns with Fury’s previous interest in the Isle of Man, as he mentioned last year, “Last year, I was looking at buying a property on the Isle of Man. I was thinking about moving there.” The proximity of the Isle of Man to Fury’s Morecambe home adds to its appeal, making it a viable option for the boxing sensation.

As Fury considers this potential relocation, it not only marks a shift in his personal landscape but also raises intriguing questions about the future of the heavyweight champion’s lifestyle choices.

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