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Tyson Fury Confirms December Bout with Usyk

Tyson Fury’s upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou may be garnering attention, but the undisputed heavyweight championship fight against Oleksandr Usyk is on the horizon. Both Fury and Usyk have inked contracts for this highly-anticipated matchup, with a tentative December date reportedly in the works. However, doubts have surfaced about the feasibility of a December fight due to the short turnaround, especially if Fury manages to dispatch Ngannou quickly without any injuries.

In a characteristically candid manner, Fury dismissed any concerns about the bout’s timeline. When questioned about a potential delay in the fight due to Usyk desiring a longer training camp, Fury confidently stated that Usyk would be in breach of contract if he attempts to push back the fight. Fury is adamant that the bout will proceed as planned in December, emphasizing that Usyk has a contractual obligation to face him in the ring.

Despite the tight schedule and uncertainties surrounding Fury’s exhibition match against Ngannou, Fury remains resolute about the December showdown taking place in Saudi Arabia. According to Fury, the contract is binding, and Usyk has no room to maneuver; failure to meet the agreed-upon date would result in legal consequences for the Ukrainian fighter.

In light of Fury’s firm stance and his commitment to fulfilling the contractual obligations, it appears that the boxing world can indeed anticipate the long-awaited clash between Fury and Usyk in December. The battle for the undisputed heavyweight title promises to be a significant sporting event, and fans can look forward to this epic showdown in the final month of the year.

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