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Turki Alalshik is Committed to Financing Fights that Fans Want Regardless of Outcome

Turki Alalshikh remains committed to delivering the fights that fans desire, even if the outcomes don’t go as planned. In a recent interview with DAZN’s Ade Oladipo, Alalshikh discussed his willingness to back potential matchups, including a financially supported Anthony Joshua-Tyson Fury clash, irrespective of Fury’s fate against Oleksandr Usyk.


With Saudi Arabia’s generous funding, Alalshikh has played a pivotal role in bringing major boxing events to fruition. His vision extends to potential fights such as Fury-Usyk, Fury-Ngannou, Joshua-Ngannou, and the highly anticipated Joshua-Fury showdown.


“We want to see Fury-Usyk and the result, and the rematch between Fury [and] Usyk,” Alalshikh stated. “And after that, we want to see Tyson Fury against Ngannou, or the people want to see it. And we want to see, if Fury [wins], we want to see him against Joshua if Joshua [wins]. If Usyk [wins], maybe we have [a] chance to have the third fight. And even if Usyk [wins], the people still want to see Tyson against Joshua. This is what we want to deliver to the market.”


Alalshikh emphasized the urgency of making these fights happen, considering the ages of the fighters involved. His commitment to delivering high-profile matchups resonates with fans, showcasing a proactive approach to satisfying boxing enthusiasts around the globe.


“We are coming with a new strategy, a new idea, and a new vision to deliver to the market the best [fights], with good prices, and make the [fights] that people want to see,” Alalshikh declared. “The people need to see Joshua-Fury, Fury-Joshua, need to see Joshua-Wilder. And I hope Wilder [comes] back.”


In a sport where time is a crucial factor, Alalshikh’s dedication to making these matchups a reality aligns with the desires of boxing fans globally.


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