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Trainer Tunde Ajayi: Anthony Yarde's Future Lies in Cruiserweight Division

In a recent revelation, trainer and manager Tunde Ajayi discussed Anthony Yarde’s potential move to the cruiserweight division, shedding light on the boxer’s future in the sport.

“I remember when Ant made his debut… His opponent said, ‘There’s no way he’s a light heavyweight’,” Ajayi recalled, emphasizing Yarde’s physical presence in the ring.

Despite Yarde’s success in the light heavyweight category, Ajayi highlighted Yarde’s solid physique, suggesting that he could excel even further at cruiserweight. “Maybe they’ve got height, but Anthony’s solid – solid,” Ajayi remarked, pointing out Yarde’s physical attributes.

Ajayi also revealed that Yarde entrusts him with selecting opponents, showcasing Yarde’s confidence and willingness to face challenges in the ring. “Anthony leaves everything to me in terms of picking an opponent,” Ajayi mentioned.

“For the stage he’s at, the light-heavyweight division is very attractive… If you put the right proposal in front of Anthony, up at cruiserweight – if you put the right offer for Chris Billam-Smith, Anthony Yarde would fight him. If you put the right offer for Jai Opetaia, at cruiserweight, Anthony Yarde would fight him,” Ajayi expressed, hinting at potential future matchups for Yarde in the cruiserweight division.

As Yarde gears up for his upcoming bout against Joshua Buatsi, Ajayi’s insights suggest that a move to cruiserweight could be on the horizon, presenting new opportunities for Yarde’s boxing career.

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