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Trainer Abel Sanchez Predicts Munguia Victory Over Ryder and Foresees Future Challenges

In a prelude to the Munguia vs. Ryder clash this Saturday, renowned trainer Abel Sanchez offers his predictions, foreseeing a triumph for Jaime Munguia against John Ryder. Sanchez predicts Munguia, now under the guidance of Freddie Roach, will either secure a late stoppage or claim victory by a margin of four or five points in the 12-round super middleweight bout.

Sanchez attributes Munguia’s potential success to his volume punching and willingness to absorb punches to deliver his own. He contrasts this with Ryder, noting the veteran’s more defensive-minded approach and suggesting that Munguia’s varied skill set gives him an advantage.

While acknowledging that Munguia may face a tough night, Sanchez emphasizes the importance of Ryder controlling the rounds and preventing Munguia from establishing dominance. Sanchez also touches upon the positive impact Freddie Roach may have on Munguia’s defensive skills, making him a more responsible and well-rounded fighter.

Regarding Munguia’s recent switch to Roach, Sanchez anticipates a learning curve but emphasizes Munguia’s youth and willingness to adapt. The trainer stresses the significance of varied sparring partners in the gym, highlighting that Munguia’s improvement will come not only from getting in shape but also from honing his craft.

In terms of future matchups, Sanchez discusses potential opponents for both Munguia and David Benavidez. While he sees Munguia as a good potential fight for next year, he expresses reservations about Benavidez facing Munguia, deeming it a tactical contest that might lack excitement. Sanchez also speculates on the possibility of a Canelo vs. Jermall Charlo fight, noting the need for Canelo to stay active given his established fan base.

As the Munguia vs. Ryder showdown approaches, Sanchez’s insights provide fans with anticipation and curiosity about the unfolding scenarios in the super middleweight division.

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