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Tony Bellew Recalls Heated Encounter and Threat to 'End' Heavyweight Martin Bakole

Former cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew has reminisced about a tense encounter with heavyweight Martin Bakole, revealing a heated exchange that nearly escalated to physical confrontation. Bellew, known for his passionate demeanor, shared the incident on the A Dream Achieved podcast, shedding light on the emotions leading up to his WBC Cruiserweight title fight against Ilunga Makabu in 2016.

The incident unfolded in the lobby of the Hilton hotel, with Bellew recalling a verbal exchange with Bakole’s brother. The conversation took an aggressive turn when Bakole asserted his status as a heavyweight, prompting Bellew’s defiant response. The Liverpudlian fighter vividly expressed his readiness to face off with Bakole, emphasizing his determination with the words, He said ‘do you know who I am? I’m a heavyweight’ and I said I’m a f***ing heavyweight right now too and I’ll f***ing put you out.”

Bellew’s entourage intervened, preventing any physical confrontation during fight week. Despite the intensity of the moment, Bellew acknowledges his respect for Bakole. The passionate exchange, fueled by the emotions of fight week, showcases Bellew’s mindset leading up to the critical match against Makabu at Goodison Park.

In retrospect, Bellew’s recollection provides insight into the mental and emotional challenges fighters face in the lead-up to significant bouts. The intensity of the encounter highlights the competitive spirit and determination that fueled Bellew’s successful campaign, culminating in a third-round stoppage victory over Makabu in front of his devoted fanbase.

As Bakole continues to make waves in the heavyweight division, recently scoring a knockout against Carlos Takam, the boxing world reflects on the intense moments and rivalries that contribute to the sport’s rich tapestry. The anecdote adds a layer of human drama to Bellew’s journey, showcasing the passion and resilience that define a fighter’s mindset beyond the spotlight of the ring.

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