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TNT Analysts and Daniel Dubois's Trainer Rages After Low-Blow Controversy in Usyk vs Dubois Clash

“Daniel Dubois should be unified heavyweight champion right now.”

This sentiment echoed loudly among TNT analysts, who were firm in their belief that the punch thrown by Dubois, which knocked down Oleksandr Usyk in the Usyk vs Dubois clash, was legitimate and not a low blow as declared by the referee.

Throughout the Usyk vs Dubois match, Dubois seemed to struggle, with Usyk displaying superior skills and strategy. However, the dynamics shifted momentarily when Dubois delivered a punch to Usyk’s body, causing the reigning champ to hit the canvas. Usyk immediately asserted that the blow was beneath the belt, prompting the referee to grant him the standard five-minute recovery window for such incidents.

Usyk, showcasing his southpaw finesse, soon reestablished his dominance and triumphed over Dubois in the ninth round of the Usyk vs Dubois match, retaining his four world titles.

TNT’s commentator and ex-world champ, Carl Frampton, expressed a contrary view, stating emphatically that the punch was above board.

“When I saw it, it didn’t look low to me. That was not a low blow. That was a body shot. He should have been counted out. Daniel Dubois should be unified heavyweight champion right now. I still don’t think it was [a low blow]. He has taken a body shot, he has thought I can get away with pretending this is low. He took a rest because he has been hit by a body-shot.”

Richie Woodhall, a former WBC super-middleweight titleholder, too, voiced his disagreement with the call, indicating potential scrutiny towards the referee’s decision, especially from Dubois’ side.

“It was a borderline shot and there’ll be a lot of fingers pointed at the referee tonight, especially from the Dubois camp.”

Frank Warren, Dubois’ promoter, demanded a rematch, denouncing the declared low blow.

“This is a boxing match and should be above board, but it was not a low blow. It’s a nonsense, a total nonsense. The governing bodies must order a rematch.”

Warren also questioned the time Usyk was given to recover and emphasized appealing the decision, hoping for a chance at the title unification that “Everyone wants to see.”

The Brit’s trainer, Don Charles, was furious, as he watched back the replay and raged: “How is that low? It’s there to be seen, how is that low?!

He continued shouting: “How is that low?! Look at it, look at it! Play it again! There! How is that low?! Look at it!”

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