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Tim Tszyu's Impressive Victory Over Resilient Brian Mendoza - A 154-Pound Championship Clash

Tim Tszyu expressed his amazement at Brian Mendoza’s resilience during their one-sided 11th round encounter on a Sunday afternoon. Despite Tszyu landing numerous powerful punches, Mendoza managed to remain on his feet with unwavering determination, even sporting a cut over his left eye and an abrasion beneath his right eye.

In a remarkable display of courage, Mendoza skillfully moved, slipped, and held to evade what could have been his first knockdown in his nine-year, 25-fight professional career. Following the 11th round, a resilient Mendoza recuperated, making the final three minutes of their 154-pound championship bout fiercely competitive. Although he dropped a unanimous decision, Mendoza’s tenacity earned the respect of Tszyu and fans alike.

Tszyu, reflecting on the bout during their post-fight press conference, admitted his disbelief at Mendoza’s ability to remain standing. He described hearing Mendoza’s breathing and the sounds he made during the fight, all while Tszyu landed numerous uppercuts. Tszyu acknowledged Mendoza’s warrior mentality and commended his refusal to quit, even in the face of such a formidable opponent.

Tszyu’s dominance in the latter half of the fight resulted in a comfortable victory on the scorecards, with judges Steve Gray (116-112), Adam Height (116-111), and Katsuhiko Nakamura (117-111) all in his favor. Tszyu’s performance, although different from his recent fights, impressed fans and showcased his ability to handle a dangerous opponent like Mendoza.

George Rose, CEO of No Limit Boxing, Tszyu’s representation, expressed his admiration for Tszyu’s performance and the respect Mendoza garnered with his powerful punches. Tszyu’s team couldn’t help but be nervous whenever Mendoza unleashed his heavy-handed shots. Mendoza’s power had been a topic of discussion leading up to the fight, and his punches made everyone pause, but Tszyu’s ability to absorb them and continue with his game plan demonstrated his strength and determination.

While Tszyu respected Mendoza’s power, he also acknowledged that he felt a bit of a sting from his punches. However, Tszyu’s experience sparring with heavier opponents had prepared him for such challenges.

In conclusion, the bout between Tszyu and Mendoza showcased Mendoza’s incredible resilience and Tszyu’s ability to handle a formidable opponent. Despite the power behind Mendoza’s punches, Tszyu’s dominant performance earned him a well-deserved victory, while Mendoza’s bravery and determination left a lasting impression on fans and the boxing community.

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