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Tim Bradley Expresses Concerns Over Ryan Garcia's Mental State Ahead of Haney Fight

Former boxing champion Tim Bradley has raised alarms over the mental health and commitment of rising star Ryan Garcia as the scheduled fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on April 20th appears to be in jeopardy.

In an interview with Probox TV, Bradley voiced deep worries about Garcia’s focus on boxing, suggesting that the young fighter may be struggling with the demands of the sport. Bradley noted Garcia’s celebrity lifestyle and the financial gains he has enjoyed, hinting that these factors might be overshadowing his dedication to the sport.

Bradley questioned Garcia’s preparation for the upcoming fight, expressing doubt that the bout will actually take place. Despite Garcia’s recent behavior and questionable commitment to training, DAZN, the streaming platform set to broadcast the fight, has not yet canceled the event, raising speculation about financial motivations.

“Ryan Garcia is not a fighter. He’s a celebrity, and Hollywood will have their way with him,” stated Bradley, emphasizing Garcia’s celebrity status. Bradley believes that those close to Garcia might not be providing the necessary guidance, contributing to the fighter’s apparent inner turmoil.

Expressing concern over Garcia’s mental state, Bradley highlighted signs of anxiety in Garcia’s speech and an overall lack of enthusiasm for boxing. He suggested that Garcia might be “crying out for help” as he navigates the challenges of his career.

In conclusion, Bradley expressed a somber outlook, stating, “He’s heading down the wrong path. It’s almost sad. I don’t think this fight will happen,” emphasizing his fear that Garcia might face serious consequences if he continues on this trajectory.

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