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'The Most Defamatory Thing I’ve Ever Heard' - Eddie Hearn Responds to Jessica McCaskill’s Comments

Alycia Baumgardner was found to have tested positive for Mesterolone in an anti-doping test conducted by Drug-Free Sports just three days prior to her bout with Christina Linardatou.

In a separate incident, Eddie Hearn had a heated exchange with Simon Jordan following a debate on TalkSport, which has since become a trending topic under the hashtags #shorts and #boxing.

Additionally, Jessica McCaskill appeared as a guest on ‘ThaBoxingVoice’ show last night. During her appearance, she seemed to imply that Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing might have had a role in the unfavorable test result associated with Baumgardner.

“So let’s do the math, like, really quick. Okay? Alycia signed a multiple-fight contract with Matchroom in, what, beginning January 2022? Multiple fights. She had four fights. She has a mandatory now. Who is Choi? Right?”

“When you have a mandatory, you don’t necessarily have to have a promoter. Mine went to a bid. And what happened to my fight? I was supposed to fight, like, June 24 or something like that. I signed my contract. My opponent signed my contract, and they asked me to sign a Matchroom, re-up with them for three more fights.”

“I was like, let’s finish this mandatory and figure out what’s going to happen. What happened? Because I did not sign the contract. They took my opponent and gave her to Terri Harper. So at that point, I had no fight.”

“So at that point, I had to sign back up with Matchroom for a couple more fights with her. She got a fight choice, and they’re not saying, hey, Alycia signed another multiple-fight contract.”

“They’re saying, Alycia pop hot. So maybe she’s not signing the contract. Maybe she likes putting Matchroom in a corner somewhere, and they don’t like that. So all of a sudden, quote, unquote, she pops hot”

“The most wild thing I’ve ever seen in my life”, Eddie Hearn told October Red Boxing, “I mean they’ll be hearing from us today.

“Essentially Jessica McCaskill said and I don’t mind repeating it because he’s one of the most bizarre things ever, Alycia (Baumgardner) had one fight left on her contract so maybe this was Matchroom trying to disrupt it.”

“I mean firstly that is the most offensive thing I think I’ve ever heard in my life and secondly the most defamatory thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“You think a global business of our size that has aspirations to float in an IPO…what sort of process happens you go to an agency that represents the MBA the NFL the NCAA NASCAR the LPGA and make up a test result?”

“I know we live in a world of conspiracy theories but that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life and I’ll be speaking to Jessica because it’s bang out of order you know.”

“And if that’s your line of defence that’s worrying you know you have to defend yourself here not say ‘well I think Matchroom just made it up’, I mean what? Absolutely baffled.”

“Rick Ramos is a wild guy he says some crazy stuff and it’s like a conspiracy they’ve got this conspiracy thing in boxing you know she said that ‘I was in a purse bid situation and they gave my opponent to Terri Harper, no what actually happened was we lost the purse bid and someone else won the first bid and didn’t put the fight on so the fight becomes null and void and in the meantime we offered her the fight against Harper at short notice because there was no fight with McCaskill.”

“So again I have to deal with them appropriately because I’m not having people talk about my family business like that and it’s wild, absolutely wild.

“It’s one of the most comical things I’ve ever heard in my life. This is a terrible situation for us, for the sport, for Alycia.”

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