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'The main thing and good thing is people are getting found out' - Says IBF World Bantamweight Champion Ebanie Bridges About Alycia Baumgardner VADA Test Report

IBF bantamweight champion, Ebanie Bridges, has shared her thoughts on the recent drug-related controversy enveloping Alycia Baumgardner. Rumors began circulating after Baumgardner was reported to have tested positive for certain prohibited substances following her rematch win against Christina Linardatou in July. Specifically, mesterolone and methenolone metabolites were identified in her test.

The repercussions of this discovery could be significant for Baumgardner, who currently is the undisputed super featherweight world champion. It’s expected that all major boxing bodies, including the WBO, IBF, WBA, and WBC, will launch their own probes into this matter.

Having a background in bodybuilding, Bridges possesses insight into the substances that have been pinpointed in Baumgardner’s test. She explained to Lucky Block:

“Because the drug testing is so sensitive now, people are getting popped a lot more, whether it be through speckles of contamination or it’s because they’ve done a f—— cycle, and they’ve timed the detection wrong. Do you know what I mean? Whatever it is. The main thing and good thing is people are getting found out.”

“That stack that she’s taken is a very common bodybuilding stack. I was an ex-bodybuilder, and it’s a very common bodybuilding stack for women, so it’s going to be a hard one for her to explain, but if she is innocent, then I hope she gets justice, but if not, then I hope her opponents get justice. all I want is the truth. And in time it should come out.”

Being away from competitive boxing since the last year, Bridges is now keen to re-enter the ring.

“My priority right now is to bash some b!tches. I want to defend my belt because I’ve put my life on hold waiting to box. I can’t travel. I can’t eat, I can’t go home and see my family. I can’t do all these things because I’m in camp and always training, and always making sure I’m staying fit and ready, so I can get a fight. It’s very hard,” Bridges said.

“I think I’m deserving of a voluntary after not getting a voluntary and being forced to fight my mandatory straight away, and also coming off an injury. If I was to fight in America, I’d like to fight Avril Mathie because: I think it would be a great fight for both of us. It’s a fight that will bring a lot of attention, a lot of eyes on the sport. She’s a swimwear model as well, and she’s got a great record, she’s a tough fighter, Australian, she comes to fight, and I know that she’ll come into the fight wanting to win, and I think it would just be a really good fight got women’s boxing to bring eyes on it, and to show two females going hard at it.

“I don’t need boxing to make money. But that’s not the point, I have a bigger goal which is to be undisputed, and that keeps me focused on what I want to do, and that keeps me doing all these sacrifices day in and day out. Being away from my family, not going traveling with my friends, not eating out for dinners and stuff like that, because I have to keep weight. It’s f—— because the amount of times that I wanted to go back home but I can’t afford that time out. I’m frustrated.”

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