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'That was supposed to be my hardest fight, I took his best shots and I was like is that it?' - Tyson Fury Talks About His Toughest Fight

Widely considered the top heavyweight in boxing today, Tyson Fury has evolved from a nimble pugilist to a formidable striker. The “Gypsy King,” a two-time heavyweight champion, has maintained an undefeated record, impressing fans with his agile movements, typically unexpected in a heavyweight.

An iconic moment in his career was his fight against Wladimir Klitschko, a highly acclaimed heavyweight champion. Even though Fury was considered the underdog in that bout in Germany, he surprised everyone by handily defeating Klitschko through a unanimous decision. In a conversation with Frank Bruno, sponsored by Wow Hydrate, Fury admitted he thought it would be a more challenging match.

“They’re all pretty tough fights and all important – every one of them. Cause if you slip up here, you go back and got to start again. I think the one for me that I expected to be the toughest fight – against Wladimir Klitschko, who was undefeated in eleven years – it was one of the easiest fights.”

Fury highlighted how significant every fight is, emphasizing that a single loss can reset a boxer’s career. The fight against Klitschko, who hadn’t lost a match in 11 years, turned out to be easier than he anticipated. He explained that the intimidating power of the Ukrainian fighter, who is now a Hall of Famer, fueled his training regimen.

“I think he did need a bit of counselling after that. Mentally focusing for that fight, in training camp we were focusing on like if he hits me, I’m gonna get knocked out. With that fear factor, I went in there and I boxed unbelievable. Then I took his best shots and I was like ‘is that it?’

That was supposed to be my hardest fight. I prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for it to be my hardest fight.”

Fury recalled preparing intensely for the match, thinking Klitschko’s punches would be lethal. However, he was surprised that Klitschko’s best shots weren’t as devastating as he had expected. Initially slated for a rematch, Fury instead took a hiatus from boxing, struggling with depression and substance abuse issues.

After a hiatus of two and a half years, he made an awe-inspiring comeback, defeating another reigning champion, Deontay Wilder, in 2020. Currently holding the championship belt, Fury has opted not to defend his title this year. Instead, he plans on participating in a crossover fight against MMA sensation Francis Ngannou.

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