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Teofimo Lopez Sr.'s Bold Claim Son Would End Crawford's Career

In a recent statement that’s turning heads in the boxing world, Teofimo Lopez Sr., the outspoken father of Teofimo Lopez, has boldly declared that his son would dismantle Terence Crawford, asserting that “his career will be over” if they were to face off in the ring.

Terence Crawford, widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters, boasts an impressive resume, having been an undisputed champion in two weight divisions, most recently in welterweight. Despite his accolades, Lopez Sr. remains confident in his son’s abilities, claiming that Crawford is actively avoiding a clash with the younger Lopez due to the potential repercussions on his career.

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Lopez Jr., who secured three major lightweight titles after defeating Vasyl Lomachenko, faced a setback against George Kambossos Jr. but has since regained one of his titles. His recent defense against Jamaine Ortiz, while successful, left some unimpressed. Despite this, Lopez Sr. remains undeterred, suggesting that Crawford is hesitant to face his son and would be haunted by the prospect of losing.

In colorful language, Lopez Sr. paints a vivid picture of Crawford’s reluctance, likening it to a soldier returning from war, haunted by the memories of battle. He attributes Crawford’s hesitation not to fear but to a keen awareness of the genuine threat Lopez Jr. poses.

The narrative crafted by Lopez Sr. adds an intriguing layer to the boxing landscape, igniting discussions about potential matchups and the dynamics between established champions and rising stars in the sport.

As the boxing world awaits possible developments, the bold claims from Teofimo Lopez Sr. continue to fuel speculation and debate, leaving fans eager to see if the two fighters will ever share the ring.

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