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Taylor's Crayon Mockery Ignites Fiery Clash with Catterall

In a heated press conference to promote their April 27th rematch in Leeds, England, Josh Taylor attempted to taunt Jack Catterall with a seemingly innocent gift – a set of crayons. However, what was intended as a mocking gesture quickly escalated into physical hostility as Catterall responded with a slap, marking the second day in a row of aggressive encounters between the two fighters.

The crayon gift was a direct jab at Catterall, who, according to Taylor, had been figuratively “crying” for the past two years following their 12-round split decision fight in February 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. The former undisputed light welterweight champion took the opportunity to publicly mock his opponent, suggesting a lack of professionalism on Catterall’s part.

Taylor Mocks Catterall with "Crayon" Gift

During the press conference, Taylor expressed his amusement at Catterall’s refusal to accept the gift, stating, “He’s not got the brain capabilities that you’re meant to be a professional athlete, not to lift your hands.” The physical altercations between the fighters are sure to concern promoter Eddie Hearn, who now faces the challenge of keeping them apart leading up to the rematch.

As tensions rise, Taylor boldly predicts the end of Catterall’s career, claiming, “I just said I’m going to end his career before it’s got going.” Despite Taylor’s jovial remark about being a lover, not a fighter, there’s an evident dislike between the two competitors, adding fuel to the event appropriately named ‘The Hate Runs Deep.’

Reflecting on the circumstances that led to the rematch, Taylor attributed the delay to an injury and expressed frustration over Catterall taking another fight during that period. With both fighters on edge and emotions running high, the anticipation for their upcoming rematch has undoubtedly intensified.

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