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Tank Fixation Threatens Haney's Ryan Garcia Showdown Buzz

In the lead-up to Devin Haney’s title defense against Ryan Garcia on April 20th, a cloud of distraction looms over the promotional efforts. Bill Haney, Devin’s father and a prominent figure in the boxer’s corner, seems fixated on a potential bout with Gervonta Davis, overshadowing the immediate challenge posed by Ryan Garcia.

Despite unsuccessful attempts to secure a fight with Tank, Bill’s persistence in promoting a future matchup risks dampening the excitement for Devin’s upcoming bout. Promoter Eddie Hearn might need to intervene and redirect the focus towards the pressing showdown with Ryan Garcia, a fight that holds significance for Devin’s immediate career trajectory.

Image: Bill Haney's Tank Fixation Overshadows Ryan Garcia Showdown

Bill’s tunnel vision on the Tank Davis dream match could potentially sabotage the promotion for his son’s clash with the popular and formidable Ryan Garcia. Success against Garcia is crucial for Devin’s career, especially considering the lackluster PPV numbers from his previous bout with Regis Prograis.

Devin’s charisma deficit becomes apparent, and Bill’s role in hyping the fight is paramount. However, the continuous push for a Tank Davis matchup, despite its current unavailability, risks overshadowing the marketable excitement surrounding the impending battle with Ryan Garcia.

As tensions rise between the Tank Davis and Devin Haney camps, Bill’s unreleased footage adds another layer of intrigue. Yet, the priority should be on promoting the immediate challenge at hand – the clash with Ryan Garcia – to ensure the fight’s success and pave the way for future opportunities.

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