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Stevenson Claims WBC Lightweight Title Despite Lackluster Bout

Shakur Stevenson secured the vacant WBC lightweight title in a lackluster contest against Edwin De Los Santos at T-Mobile Arena. The bout, met with disappointment from spectators due to its uneventful nature, saw Stevenson emerge victorious via unanimous decision (116-112, 116-112, 115-113), becoming a three-weight world champion in the process.

Throughout the 12 rounds, the fight failed to excite fans, resulting in continuous booing amid a scarcity of engaging exchanges between the fighters. Stevenson, with a record of 21-0 and 10 knockouts, maintained a cautious approach, keeping a distance and predominantly utilizing jabs against De Los Santos, whose record stands at 16-2 with 14 KOs.

The lack of action led to frustration among the audience, prompting some to leave the arena, especially during the later rounds when Stevenson added occasional counter right hooks. Despite the crowd’s dissatisfaction, Stevenson’s strategic approach allowed him to control the fight, albeit in a manner that failed to captivate the spectators.

While Stevenson’s victory marked a significant milestone in his career, becoming a three-weight world champion, the overall lack of excitement during the bout left much to be desired for the audience and boxing enthusiasts.

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