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Sol Dacres: Fury was well-prepared against Ngannou, but Ngannou was just too good

In a surprising turn of events, Tyson Fury’s sparring partner, Sol Dacres, has come forward to dispel rumors surrounding the WBC heavyweight champion’s preparation for his crossover bout with Francis Ngannou. Contrary to suggestions of inadequate training, Dacres insists that Fury worked diligently in the gym, attributing the challenging fight to Ngannou’s exceptional skills.

Following a contentious split decision victory over Ngannou, Tyson Fury’s father, John, expressed concerns about his son’s conditioning, claiming a noticeable change in demeanor and physique. Fury Sr. suggested that Tyson had not put in sufficient effort during training, leading to a closer-than-expected contest.

However, sparring partner Dacres, who spent five weeks in camp with Fury, contradicts these claims. “John wasn’t really in the camp. We were sparring hard, doing 12, 15 round sessions. I’ve been in previous camps, and he was training just as hard as before,” Dacres clarified in an interview with Seconds Out.

While Fury did appear more fatigued than usual during the fight, Dacres attributes this to Ngannou’s formidable strength and power. The contest showcased a physical battle, with Fury attempting to assert dominance in classic Kronk fashion. Yet, Ngannou’s superior strength allowed him to outmuscle the experienced boxer, leading to a grueling match.

Despite the odds stacked against Ngannou, Fury managed to secure a decision victory on two of the three judges’ scorecards. The fight, now acknowledged as one of Fury’s toughest tests, highlighted the Cameroonian MMA star’s resilience and power in the ring.

As the aftermath of the bout unfolds, Dacres’ insights provide a different perspective on Fury’s preparation, emphasizing the formidable challenge posed by Ngannou.

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