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Shocking Resignation French Boxing Chief Quits Amid Yoka-Merhy Bout Controversy

The President of the National League for Professional Boxing in France, Robin Dolpierre, has stepped down following uproar over his comments on the Tony Yoka vs. Ryad Merhy fight. Yoka, the French heavyweight and Olympic gold medalist, faced a narrow defeat against Merhy, prompting Dolpierre to suggest that Yoka should have been favored as the hometown fighter. This assertion, implying bias in judging, sparked a firestorm in the boxing world.

Dolpierre’s resignation, accepted by Dominique Nato of FFBOXE, came after Dolpierre claimed that French judges should have intervened to support Yoka, citing an alleged customary practice in other countries. His remarks drew sharp criticism and opposition from the boxing federation.

In his interview with a French newspaper, Dolpierre defended his stance, emphasizing that Yoka, despite a string of losses, deserved more support. He implied that the outcome could have been different had Yoka been fighting abroad or backed by a more influential promoter, questioning the fairness of the decision.

The fallout from Dolpierre’s statements threatens the sport’s credibility, especially given his longstanding involvement as an official. This controversy has stirred debates about fairness in boxing judging, raising concerns about potential corruption within the sport.

The repercussions of Dolpierre’s remarks have ignited discussions about boxing ethics and fair play, spotlighting the challenges of impartial judging. The incident may prompt a reevaluation of judging protocols and regulations in the sport.

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