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"Jake Paul's 24 hours security crackdown initiated after Floyd Mayweather's terrifying threat!"

Following the heated altercation between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul reveals that his brother has been under 24-hour security surveillance. The incident occurred when Jake snatched Mayweather’s hat during the build-up to Logan’s exhibition match with the boxing legend. Logan expressed concern over Jake’s actions, blaming him for potentially jeopardizing his own safety.

Despite the drama, Logan’s fight with Mayweather proceeded without incident. However, Logan voiced frustration over the risk Jake’s actions posed to him, especially considering the magnitude of Logan’s upcoming bout.

In the aftermath, Jake has secured a high-profile fight with Mike Tyson scheduled for July 20, to be aired on Netflix. Despite criticism from figures like Dana White and Bernard Hopkins, who question the legitimacy of the match, Jake remains focused on his boxing ambitions, including a potential world title pursuit.

Critics argue that the Tyson fight does little to advance Jake’s career and liken it to a spectacle rather than a serious boxing match. Nevertheless, Jake is determined to prove himself in the ring, even amidst skepticism from the combat sports community.

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