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Shakur Stevenson on Kambosos vs Hughes - 'It was a Robbery'

Ringside observer Shakur Stevenson was among several spectators who voiced disappointment with the outcome of the Kambosos vs Hughes match, going so far as to label George Kambosos Jr’s majority decision triumph a miscarriage of justice.

In Stevenson’s words, he firmly believed that it was a case of gross misjudgment. He felt that Maxi outboxed his opponent and was the superior contender. He emphasized that there needs to be stricter scrutiny of judges’ evaluations. He suggested that the judges should be as focused as the fighters themselves and should require more rigorous training for their role.

“I thought it was a robbery. I thought Maxi boxed well and I thought he was the better fighter. I think that the judges should be held to a higher criteria. I think they should be as focused as the boxers, and I think they need (to do) a lot more to become a judge.

“I feel like they’re not watching the fights and they’re not really paying attention to the fights, and I think it’s messing up boxing.”

Stevenson expressed his concern after Kambosos vs Hughes match that the judges were possibly not as attentive to the matches as they should be, which could potentially harm the sport’s integrity.

On the subject of possibly taking on Kambosos (21-2, 10 KO) in the future, Stevenson (20-0, 10 KO) downplayed the idea, implying that Kambosos might not be the caliber of adversary he’s seeking.

Stevenson voiced his ambition to square off against the crème de la crème of the boxing world, expressing doubt that Kambosos currently belongs in that echelon. He named fighters such as Lomachenko, Devin Haney, and Gervonta Davis as his desired opponents while talking to media after Kambosos vs Hughes bout.

If Stevenson were to face Kambosos in the ring, he confidently predicted that he would outclass him. However, he maintained his belief that Kambosos doesn’t compete at the same level as him.

He finished by saying that if circumstances left him with no other option and Kambosos became his next hurdle, he wouldn’t hesitate to defeat him too.

“I wanna fight the best of the best, so as of right now, Kambosos is not on my level. I want to fight the Lomachenkos, the Devin Haneys, Gervonta Davis,” he said.

“Those are the fights I’m looking for. If you see me fighting Kambosos, you know I’m gonna stop him. That’s how I feel about it. I don’t feel like he’s on that level.

“But if I don’t got no choice, and he’s the next step, I’ll beat him up, too.”

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