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Sean O'Malley Brushes Off Ryan Garcia's Callout, Suggests Substance Issues"

UFC bantamweight sensation Sean O’Malley has responded to Ryan Garcia’s recent callout, expressing doubt that a matchup between the two fighters will ever materialize. O’Malley, known for his striking prowess and colorful personality, didn’t hold back when addressing Garcia’s MMA aspirations, suggesting that substance-related issues might be affecting the boxer’s behavior.

In a recent interview during UFC 299 media day, O’Malley was asked about Garcia’s bold claims of wanting to face him in an MMA bout. The UFC star didn’t mince words, stating, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug, I think he’s on drugs and he’s acting a fool, yeah, I feel bad for him more than anything, you know?”

Garcia, a boxing sensation, had expressed his desire to test himself in MMA, even claiming he could beat O’Malley with the right training and assistance from fighters like Nate Diaz and Alex Pereira. However, since then, Garcia’s erratic behavior on social media has raised concerns about his well-being.

O’Malley, while acknowledging Garcia’s callout, dismissed the likelihood of the fight ever happening, saying, “Yeah, that will never happen, and if it does, I’m here for it. You know it wouldn’t be my fault that fight doesn’t happen.”

As Garcia continues his Twitter tirades about “elites” and alleged attempts on his life, O’Malley maintains a pragmatic and somewhat sympathetic stance, focusing more on the potential personal challenges Garcia may be facing rather than entertaining the idea of a showdown between the two.

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