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Saudi Arabia's Sports Authority Rejects YouTube Boxing Emphasis on Real Fighters"

In a decisive statement, His Excellency Turki Alalshikh, head of Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority, has declared an end to YouTube boxing events in the country. “Please, we don’t want any YouTuber fights again. I want fighters, this is what I support. For me, inside my heart, I want the fighters,” Alalshikh asserted, signaling a shift away from entertainment-oriented matches.

The announcement comes after the surge in popularity of YouTube boxing events that often feature internet personalities stepping into the ring. Alalshikh’s emphasis on supporting genuine fighters aligns with a commitment to elevate the level of competition and focus on the sport’s core essence.

The move reflects a strategic decision to prioritize professional athletes over non-traditional boxing matchups. Alalshikh’s sentiment resonates with those who seek a return to the fundamentals of the sport, fostering an environment where skilled fighters take center stage.

As Saudi Arabia continues to be a prominent host for major sporting events, this shift aligns with a desire to showcase authentic boxing talent and attract serious contenders to compete on the international stage.

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