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Ryan Garcia's Mayweather-Inspired Pivot Raises Questions About Future Fights

In a surprising turn of events, Ryan Garcia, the 25-year-old boxing star, has shifted his focus following a conversation with the legendary Floyd Mayweather. Originally eyeing a showdown with junior welterweight king Devin Haney, Garcia altered his plans under Mayweather’s influence, opting to face Rolando Ramiro (“Rolly”) first for the belt, followed by a potential clash with Haney.

However, the plot took an unexpected twist when Rolly Romero chose to face Isaac Cruz on the Keith Thurman-Tim Tszyu pay-per-view undercard, leaving Garcia displeased with the sudden change. The young fighter questioned why Romero would opt for a co-main event against Cruz for potentially less money instead of being the main event in a bout against Garcia.

While Mayweather’s strategic influence on Romero is evident in the decision-making process, Garcia’s emulation of the businessman-boxer mold raises questions about his ability to replicate Mayweather’s success. Unlike Mayweather, who achieved dominance in the ring and won titles in three weight divisions by Garcia’s age, King Ry is yet to claim a world title in his 25 professional bouts.

Garcia, known for his confidence as “King Ry,” expressed determination to get back on track but left the question open about his future opponent. The potential mega-fight with Haney still looms, but uncertainties arise about Garcia’s ability to overcome Haney’s formidable skill set.

As Garcia navigates this pivotal phase in his career, the looming question remains: Can he best the highly skilled Haney? And if not, what lies ahead for the rising boxing sensation?

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