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Ryan Garcia Warned Floyd Mayweather's Signature Move Not Suited for You!

In his recent comeback victory against Oscar Duarte, Ryan Garcia showcased his skills but raised eyebrows by attempting Floyd Mayweather’s famed shoulder roll, drawing criticism from experts within the boxing community. Despite securing an eighth-round stoppage, Garcia’s execution of the technique left much to be desired, leading to warnings advising him to abandon this tactic in future fights.

The Editor of Ring Magazine, Dougie Fischer, commented on Garcia’s performance, noting the boxer’s occasional awkwardness in the ring, particularly when turning his back to his opponent during close quarters. Although acknowledging Garcia’s world-class speed and power, Fischer expressed concerns about the shoulder roll, a move that seemed out of place in Garcia’s repertoire.

Former world champion Ishe Smith echoed Fischer’s sentiment, suggesting that Garcia should altogether eliminate the shoulder roll from his boxing style. This critique gained traction within the boxing sphere, with the debate catching the attention of ex-welterweight ruler Shawn Porter, who joined the discourse.

Porter, addressing Garcia, commended his performance but advised against the use of the shoulder roll. He emphasized the importance of listening to his coach’s guidance and recommended focusing on movement rather than attempting this specific defensive maneuver.

The exchange between Garcia and Porter continued, with Garcia expressing displeasure over what he perceived as bias in the commentary during his fight, a sentiment that Porter refuted, maintaining his impartiality and inviting Garcia to discuss the matter on The Porter Way Podcast.

Notably, the discussion highlighted Floyd Mayweather’s mastery of the shoulder roll, a defensive technique that Mayweather flawlessly employed throughout his career. Mayweather’s expertise in using this move contributed to his unparalleled success, culminating in an impressive 50-0 record and solidifying his status as one of boxing’s all-time greats.

As the boxing world deliberates Garcia’s use of the shoulder roll and its applicability to his fighting style, the contrast between his attempt and Mayweather’s perfected execution underscores the considerable journey Garcia has ahead to match Mayweather’s caliber.

With experienced voices cautioning Garcia against adopting this technique, the focus remains on his development as a fighter and the adjustments he might make moving forward, emphasizing the importance of refining his own strengths rather than imitating tactics that may not suit his style.

Phil Jay, an esteemed boxing news writer and Editor of World Boxing News, shared insights on Mayweather’s mastery, underlining the vast disparity between Garcia’s current stage and Mayweather’s legendary status in the sport.

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