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Ryan Garcia Urged to Prioritize Well-being Amidst Haney Fight Concerns

In the lead-up to his much-anticipated bout with Devin Haney, concerns over Ryan Garcia’s mental health have prompted former boxer Duke McKenzie to advocate for Garcia’s withdrawal from the fight. Garcia’s recent statements about being ‘high as f**k,’ coupled with admissions of smoking weed and drinking, have raised eyebrows about his preparation for the upcoming match.

During a Live Space interaction with a fan, Garcia candidly shared details about his training, acknowledging his use of substances that could potentially impact his performance in the ring. The concern deepened when Garcia’s social media activity touched on sensitive topics, including human trafficking and claims of assault.

McKenzie, expressing his worry about Garcia’s well-being, emphasized the importance of a world champion carrying themselves accordingly. He remarked on Garcia’s public declarations of substance use and suggested that someone should intervene to assess if the young boxer is fit to compete.

Should Garcia decide to pull out of the fight, it raises questions about his future in the sport. Having previously taken a hiatus from boxing due to mental health issues, Garcia returned with a resolve to address his problems. Now on the brink of potentially winning his first world title, the decision to withdraw could impact both his career and personal journey.

Keith Thurman echoed the sentiment of prioritizing well-being over the fight, expressing hope that Garcia receives the necessary help. While acknowledging the desire for Garcia to continue his boxing career, Thurman suggested that if there’s no immediate urgency for the paycheck, Garcia should consider taking time to focus on his health and return to the sport when ready.

Garcia has reassured fans that the fight with Haney will proceed, but concerns linger about his mental and physical readiness. As Thurman pointed out, Garcia’s performance in the ring will be the ultimate indicator of whether he is prepared to compete at the level required to secure a world title.

In a sport where physical and mental well-being are paramount, the call to prioritize health over immediate success resonates. Whether Garcia heeds the advice of McKenzie and Thurman remains to be seen, but the broader conversation about athletes’ mental health continues to gain prominence in the world of boxing.

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