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Ryan Garcia Trains New Girlfriend for Boxing Stardom, Seeks $500k for Debut Fight

American boxing sensation Ryan Garcia is making headlines again, this time for introducing his new girlfriend, Mikaela Testa, to the world of boxing. Following his recent divorce from Drea Celina, Garcia has not only found love but is also eager to transform Testa into a boxing star.

In a social media post, Garcia proudly declared Testa as his “baby” and revealed his ambitious plan to train her for a potential debut in the boxing ring. The 25-year-old is even challenging others to face her in the ring, with an enticing offer of no less than $500,000 and a percentage of PPV revenue if the matchup makes sense.


Despite facing some backlash for his unconventional approach, Garcia remains unwavering in his support for Testa and his determination to carve out a boxing career for her. As the former WBC interim lightweight champion, Garcia is no stranger to the sport’s demands and challenges.

Currently scheduled to fight Devin Haney on April 20th, Garcia’s dual roles as a boxer and a trainer for his new girlfriend raise questions about his ability to balance both endeavors effectively. It remains to be seen how this unique chapter in Garcia’s personal and professional life will unfold.

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