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Ryan Garcia Throws Shade at Devin Haney's Title Win Feud Heating Up!

In the aftermath of Devin Haney’s dominant victory over Regis Prograis to secure the WBA 140-pound championship, Ryan Garcia took to social media with a swipe at the newly crowned champion. Garcia’s comment on Haney’s performance hints at an intensifying rivalry brewing in the junior welterweight division.

Garcia’s critique of Haney’s display suggested acknowledgment of Haney’s skills while implying a lack of excitement in the fight. He emphasized that despite Haney’s evident prowess, there’s a missing element, hinting at something yet to be attained by the champion.

The tension between Garcia and Haney seems palpable as Garcia teases an impending showdown with Haney, challenging him to bring his best to the ring. The exchange on social media has sparked curiosity among boxing fans, igniting discussions about a potential matchup between the two talented fighters.

Both Garcia and Haney are renowned for their skills, and Garcia’s comments add fuel to the fire, hinting at a clash that could captivate audiences. The brewing feud between these two rising stars in the junior welterweight category has the potential to create an electrifying spectacle in the ring.

As Garcia’s remarks circulate within the boxing community, anticipation mounts for a possible future bout between the two, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already buzzing world of professional boxing.

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