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Ryan Garcia Shifts Focus to World Title Pursuit: A New Chapter in His Boxing Journey

Ryan Garcia, the rising star in the world of boxing, is embarking on a transformative phase in his career. No longer content with the trappings of social media fame, Garcia has set his sights on a singular goal – winning his first boxing world title.

Garcia (23-1, 19 KO) is poised to make his long-awaited return to the ring on December 2nd in Texas, where he will face Oscar Duarte in a highly anticipated DAZN main event. This bout marks Garcia’s comeback following his loss to Gervonta Davis in a monumental clash on April 22.

Expressing his newfound determination, Garcia took to social media to declare, “Tired of the disrespect. I’m fed up, and I’ve been at 50 percent for so long, it’s going to be different. I promise that to myself. I don’t care about anything but becoming a champion. My eyes used to care about social media and what that did for my career, now I don’t care, I’m ready to WIN.”

In this pivotal juncture, Garcia will have his inaugural fight under the guidance of trainer Derrick James, who has replaced Joe Goossen following the defeat to Davis.

Throughout his career, Garcia has faced criticism for his perceived reliance on his substantial social media following to build his profile, even before notable accomplishments in the ring. While the importance of a strong social media presence for marketing cannot be denied, Garcia, now 25 years old with 24 professional fights under his belt, recognizes that the time has come to prove himself at the highest level in the ring.

Garcia’s upcoming opponent, Oscar Duarte (26-1-1, 21 KO), is a formidable fighter, but he doesn’t possess the same level of recognition as some of Garcia’s previous adversaries. Nevertheless, it is here that Garcia’s journey toward his championship dreams must begin. The objective is clear: to secure a resounding victory and pave the way for an ambitious 2024, where Garcia aims to establish himself as a true contender in the boxing world.

With the distractions of social media fading into the background, Ryan Garcia is primed to author the next chapter of his boxing career. His dedication to the pursuit of a world title promises to captivate the world of boxing and test his mettle against the sport’s elite. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated comeback of one of boxing’s most exciting talents.

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