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Ryan Garcia responds to KSI's prediction for potential fight

KSI’s prominence in the world of combat sports has led to continuous speculation about potential matchups with notable figures, and the latest addition to the mix is none other than Ryan Garcia.

Much like KSI, Garcia has leveraged his substantial social media following to expand his brand and introduce a fresh audience to the sport of boxing. If these two were to face off, it could easily become one of the most significant events in crossover boxing.

In anticipation of his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury, KSI fielded questions from DAZN regarding a potential clash with Garcia. He expressed confidence in his unconventional fighting style and hinted that it could pose a challenge for the 25-year-old sensation.

“It would be a good fight,” remarked KSI. “But obviously, I’m quite heavy, and he’s going to believe he can overpower me. I’m unpredictable.”

Garcia, upon hearing KSI’s comments, took to social media to respond and appeared bewildered by the British entertainer’s desire to initiate a rivalry.

“KSI is inexplicably harboring ill feelings towards me,” Garcia wrote on his social media platform. “He can’t back up his claim of going the distance with me. He’s a 7 head monster. Cease mentioning my name, @KSI.”

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