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Ryan Garcia Questions Rolly Romero's Decision to Face Cruz, Asserts Business Sense

In a recent interview with, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia expressed bewilderment at Rolly Romero’s choice to fight Isaac Cruz instead of facing him, suggesting Romero may fall short of a million dollars for the bout.

Garcia, known for his candidness, questioned Romero’s strategy, highlighting the financial disparity between facing Cruz and defending his 140-pound title against Garcia. The Victorville native hinted at the influence of Floyd Mayweather, who swayed his decision away from challenging Devin Haney for the WBC super lightweight title.

While Garcia intended to fight Haney initially, Mayweather’s advice led him to consider another route, targeting Romero’s belt first. Garcia, a significant draw in the boxing world, emphasized the business aspect, indicating Romero might have missed out on a more lucrative opportunity by choosing Cruz over him.

Garcia, who hopes to face Haney in a DAZN Pay-Per-View main event on April 20, questioned Romero’s decision-making, highlighting the potential financial ramifications of facing Cruz in a co-feature. The interview shed light on the intricate negotiations and shifting dynamics in the lead-up to Garcia’s next bout.

As the boxing community awaits Garcia’s next move, the fighter himself seems confident that his popularity and skills give him the upper hand in negotiations, raising questions about Romero’s choice.

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